Sandal design - please help!

Hi there!

Currently a design student working on a sandal project. Currently trying to model the sole with footbed contours (arch support, heel depth, etc) for 3D print. Stumbled upon a YouTube video that told me to use the patch took with intersecting lines, but this created an empty void in real space. Any recommendations ?



The Learn page has some good tutorials too:

what is real space? voids are empty, so that part should be ok then :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but i assume your patch did not create any surface. since it usually does it would be very helpful to at least post some screen shots of your process, posting the actual model additionally would be even better.

to brainstorm up your entire situation with the few words you threw in here is quite challenging.

no link?

for what exactly? after riddling for a moment i conclude you simply have an issue with how to use the patch command. if not please be more elaborate. and most importantly post some images.