Samsung Gear VR - from Rhino

I have just recieved by pair of VR glasses (Samsung Gear Oculus) and i could not find any guides to make a stereo box map directly from Rhino - so i tried to make a (simple) setup in rhino to generate the output (6x1 images @1536x1536px x2 2(left and right eye)
Ive uploaded the files needed here and the order is as follows:

  • open the rhinofile. replace the geometry with your own scene, but keep the dots and lines in the middle for reference of where the image is generated. the saved views are the names needed to output the correct files to generate the file for Samsung VR
  • change the viewport to be as close to square 1:1 as possible
  • setup the rendered view or shaded view with nice shadows in the way you want it represented
  • run the script in the same folder and overwrite the exisiting placeholder jpgs
    open indesign - the links should be updated already
    -press export from indesign and choose jpg
    -drag the two jpgs generated from indesign into photoshop (first image to the left - second image to the right) the files should snap to the excat dimension of the psd file
    -press save as jpg in photoshop
    -now you need to save the jpg to the samsung phone - plug it to the computer via cable and save the jpg to the oculus folder
  • now startup the oculus glasses and navigate to the 360deg images and chosse “my files” - the name of the jpg should be here

and voila!

hope someone can make use of this



MASTER (9.3 MB)working (7.1 MB)


Hello Troels,
Thank you for setting this up. I tried your example on my Gear VR (2016) with my Samsung S6 and it works but there is a bit of ghosting when moving, it seems more obvious with objects in the forefront. I’ll make some tests using my models and post them here.