Sample Gumball

Hi @dale, I compiled the cmdSampleGumball.cpp example from github repository and it was very helpfull for me.

In my code I only turn on the gumball rotations with these lines:

gb.m_appearance.m_bEnableXRotate = true;
gb.m_appearance.m_bEnableYRotate = true;
gb.m_appearance.m_bEnableZRotate = true;

The sample gumball works but I noticed a different behaviour in respect to the Rhino ‘native’ gumball.
In practice the circle with the rotation arrows happears on screen only if I have the left mouse button pressed and I move it on screen while in Rhino gumbal the arrows happear when I only click and release left mouse button on the gumball.
Do you think is possible to modify this sample with a behaviour similar to Rhino?
Is also possible to put on screen the text dialog with the manually insertion of the rotation angles? In Rhino SDK I didn’t find a Gumball property to activate it.