Same plugin guid in private and public yak repo

I want to be able to have a private development yak repo (shared network drive) that is only accessible to developers/testers but I’m not sure if this will cause issues down the road once I have the plugin in the public yak repo. If I have the same guid for the plugins, will they collide or will the yaks in the private and public repos just be merged as different versions under the same package?

It should probably be mentioned that I’m guaranteeing on my end that the semantic version of the plugin is unique across both repos.

So long as the package name matches, the Package Manager will merge the versions from both sources. If there’s a version number clash, the order that the sources are declared decides who wins.

I’d consider adding a prerelease identifier to the version number (i.e. -dev) for the packages that are published to the private repository. Right now, there’s no indicator in the UI as to which source a particular version is coming from.