Same model - new weirdness

When I use the extrude face tool on a simple object it creates a separate uncapped object.

MacStudio.3dm (3.4 MB)

Hello- there is a number of simple objects in the file - which one are we looking at? So far I am not seeing a separate capped object, but I don’t know what exactly you are doing to which object. If you are using ExtrudeSrf on the face of a box, make sure DeleteInput = Yes to get a joined object.


Here’s another example/view:

What does the command line say ?

Extrusion distance <0> ( Direction BothSides=No Solid=Yes DeleteInput=Yes ToBoundary SplitAtTangents=No SetBasePoint )

works as I expect…


I don’t understand why it’s called extrude face. Is it due to the construction plane orientation? I can’t make any use of it like I’m pretty sure I’ve done in past.