Same Material Rendering Different Colors

I have a model of a nightstand with a Birch Wood jpeg material on it,
1 with the grain oriented at 00 degrees
and the other with the same wood jpeg turned 90 degrees
when I render in flamingo the vertical wood looks like a different color, yet they are the exactly same jpeg, is there a way to adjust that?

Looks like the grain is compressed in 1 direction or sideways. For grained materials I almost always use Planar instead of Surface mapping.

In Object Properties, Texture Mapping, set mapping to Planar, turn on Show Mapping, go down to the Size parameter and intentionally make the map larger in either the x or y direction. This will show you exactly how the map is being applied. You can select the planar mapping widget and rotate or scale it till it’s applied correctly.

Another way would be to set mapping to Box and map the sides separately. As long as the box you’re using for the center section and the sides are nearly the same size it’s just a matter of orienting the box widget. I say nearly because the variation in grains will look more realistic.

Hope this helps.

Can you post the model? Please make sure to embed the jpg in the material first if you can.

I am new to this forum how do I post model file?

You can either drag’n’drop a file into the message box or use the black cloud with white up arrow icon on the tool bar at the top of the message box (or use the Ctrl+G shortcut).

I figured it out, I was assigning the material by layer, but some of the model parts were set to assign by object,
if you go into the object properties you can change to assign by layer,
however if you drag a material to any part of the nightstand it will change that part to assign by object
which will have to be changed back if you want to use the assign by layer mode.