Safe to Buy Used?

I’m sorry to bother you all. I’m looking to purchase Rhino for my son as a holiday present. It’s only for personal “for fun” use and while I’d love to buy him the full license for 8, it’s just out of our price range. I see some used copies for sale with the disc and license key (version 4) and I thought maybe he could get that as a gift and, if he loves it, upgrade it later, but I wanted to ask if that would possible. Seems like if someone else registered the used version he might be stuck. I appreciate any advice.

Thank you

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Don’t buy anything without first verifying directly with McNeel sales whether the license for sale is valid and transferable. Then there will be a license transfer form that must be filled out, signed by both parties and registered with McNeel so they know you are the new legal owner.

Note also that only commercial licenses are transferable, educational licenses are not.


That makes complete sense and is a huge help. Thank you so much.

Perhaps one additional piece of advice… V4 is very old (we’re on V8 now) - like from 2007. The version that came on disc is probably not the last service release of V4, and I don’t know where you would find the last to download - the McNeel site stops at V5. So I would have a tendency to avoid that one in any case.

Don’t forget that there is the free 90 day eval version of V8 available to try.


@Helvetosaur is correct.
V4 is a 32-bit Windows application, designed for Windows XP SP3, with all the memory and resolution limitations implied thereto.

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Hi Jess, One other thing worth mentioning: if your son is a student he can get an educational licence which is much cheaper than the commercial version. The software is the same and can still be used after he leaves education.


Best present ever!

He will. Rhino is the best CAD. :beers: