Safe Frame 4x3 and 16x9

Is there a way to have both a 4x3 safe frame and a 16x9 showing at once. I want to make some resume’ renderings for the web, and also for a book that is fairly close to 4x3.

[Oddly enough, they framed Babylon 5 this same way.]

Moved to Rhino for Windows.

load the attached image into wallpaper


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Thank you Encelphalon,

I’ve never seen that function. Following your lead, I might make a higher resolution one.

I guess there’s no way to regular official one.

hmm i dont think you need a higher resolution since those are hard edges, they should not interpolate soft when increase the screen size or when having a bigger screen. i have a 32"by 2560 x 1440 and that tiny image was crips, at least on mac Rhino 5.3. you can of course take that image into photoshop and recolor it, the proportions 16:9 and 4:3 (12:9) are correct. i was experimenting in getting only outlines into rhino but i failed to understand the correct clipping paths. maybe also not possible. but you can of course just select the same color as you would have in rhino anyway as background in photoshop as you wish.

official safe frames are it seems available in Rhino 6 and i have to apologize for misleading you maybe. i dont use version6. here the docs describes that you can call up the dashed version -SafeFrame to access hidden options. it very well might be that you can get that together there.

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Yes, I want to see hard edges, as in: don’t-go-there : )

I made these, one with a buffer, and another without. I flipped the colors–err values. Fortunately, the don’t show in raytraced mode.

Thank You : )

I rendered this yesterday. This illustrates how far off my best guess was way off. I had the proportional good, but the bleed (extra) is way too generous.