<s>Blocks</s> Worksessions doesn't save as Mesh

Making a toy for my grand children I tried to save my nurbs model as stl but the tyres, which are blocks, doesn’t seem to save as mesh. Is there a setting I have missed?


// Rolf

In a quick test here, that’s not something that I can replicate:

It turns out that the tyres were attached as part of a “worksession”.

So I tried to assembly the whole thing (the rest of the non-block geometries) as a worksession. From that worksession nothing can be saved as a mesh.

So the question is then, how can one create a mesh from an assembly based on worksession? Like, can the geometry from a worksession assembly be merged into an “embedded compound” .3dm file which in turn can be saved as a mesh (without copy and pasting everything manually?)

// Rolf

Hi Rolf - Copy will place the copy in the current file. So will Mesh, and other commands that make new stuff from existing - the output should end up in the current file.


OK, that makes sense (I should of course have tried that).

Anyway, I still had trouble with the tyres, which are blocks in a separate attached file. When copying, I had to explicitly set the tyres file to “active” before I could copy these blocks.

This copy problem doesn’t occur if the geometry in the attached files doesn’t consist of blocks.

So this makes me a bit nervous, since I had planned to use Worksessions for a complex project, but it seems worksessions require manual copy and paste from each file separately if I need to “merge” block geometry, like in this case.

// Rolf

@RIL if you are happy to use grasshopper here, then the elefront ‘reference by layer’, ‘reference by bake name’ and ‘deconstruct block’ will be your best friends. All elefront components work with worksessions seamlessly

Edit: Also the elefront export component is handy to automate exporting. Just change the extension to .stl and provide an export scheme name if your mesh requires particular settings.

Thanks @dharman, Grasshopper is fine. Good enough that there’s a solution!

// Rolf