RVB error message

Should this say that RVB files are NOT currently supported on Mac Rhino?

=) Got that, thanks!


Cheers, feel free to archive the thread

Hmmm- if I drag and drop an rvb file onto Rhino for Mac, just bounces back- I never get that error message.


Not sure, but I get this with an rhp file here.

is currently supported.

This is your extract centreline .rhp file from another post. Looking for an rvb file.

This is WIP 5B148w

I’m running the WIP released for El Capitan(…?)

Kris Bird
Director & Embedded Electronics

Weird- I am just Mac-Challenged I guess - rhp files just bounce back to their folder as well. I’ll have to take your word for it, however you get there the wording is incorrect.

Randy, I added the python scripts to that centerline thread, in case you want to play.



Thanks Pascal, I never have enough time to play with Rhino & Python.


I just found an RVB file, it did just bounce back the first time, but the second time, dragging it back to Rhino WIP fairly quick, it gave me this …

Got it (MR-2351). Thanks.

is RVB now supported on Mac ?

I don’t even get that message error when I try to drag and drop a script…

As far as I can tell, the bug that was fixed in MR-2351 is that the misleading error message is now gone.
I’m pretty sure RVB’s won’t ever run on a Mac.

right I figured as much. trying my luck with Python then :slight_smile: