Runtime error (ArgumentTypeException): expected IEnumerable[Point3d], got list (123.7 KB)
I want the projection of some points on Breps, I try to use the following function : Intersect.Intersection.ProjectPointsToBreps(
[brep], [Points], Vector3d(0, 0, 100), doc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance)
however I get either one of 2 errors:
Runtime error (ArgumentTypeException): expected IEnumerable[Point3d], got list
Runtime error (ArgumentTypeException): expected IEnumerable[Brep], got Brep

I changed the points and breps to list access, but no result !

Thank you in advance

See attached (Method used is the same - but is always better to extract some connectivity as well).

Points_ProjectTpBrep_V1.3dm (97.9 KB) (130.3 KB)

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Thanks soooo much ! I wish to start with C# soon ! it is just so crazy with the GH python. What didn’t work in my code worked on a friend’s laptop. I would be happy if anyone from the developers responded to the main cause of instability !

PS: As a challenge create an option that does this via Ray3D (appears that the Project Method used is a bit odd: Vector direction is not taken into account [test it: set z[2] to some pos value])

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