RunScript and MRU

I want a script to execute a command and show it in the mru popup menu.
For the moment RunScript seems to be invisible to mru.
When I run :

import Rhino
Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript(‘ze’, ‘mru_string’, False) #or True

‘mru_string’ does not appear in the “most-recent-used command popup”.

Is it misbehaving or I dont understand the purpose of that option ?
Is there a way to push a command in the mru with a script ?


Hi @lahos,

Use RhinoApp.RunMenuScript instead of RhinoApp.RunScript.

– Dale


If I pass “_scale” to RunMenuScript it is shown in the MRU but
if I pass “_scale c=n”, it is not.

I’m verifying it with a right click in the command line, is it the same mru we are talking about ?