Runnning Rhino on a Google Cloud Platform VM

I thought GCP only supports Linux, but it seems not. Today I noticed there are Windows servers options.

So, (don’t call me an idiot!) I started testing GCP windows VM machine to run Rhinoceros. I have my own code that calls Cuda APIs from within a C# component. There are also heavy for loops that run parallel.

It is really easy. But 300$ free evaluation credit cannot be used for windows VM / GPU. I needed both. So I needed to start billing with no evaluation period, which is a bit scarely. (I haven’t received my first billing report, so the below report does not contain information about cost/prising.)

Not all machines support GPUs. You need to do a quick search to figure out which machine types support GPUs.

  1. the default GPU quota is set to 0. you need to request a raise of quota. I just requested only 1 GPU and was approved immediately.

  2. CPU quota is set to 24. I requested 16 vCPUs. Sadly, it was slower than my Laptop CPU (core i7 6 cores) for multi-threading.

  3. local storage quota is set to 500gb. So I assigned 500gb all to my single VM.

  4. I requested Tesla T4 for my GPU.

  5. Rendered/Raytraced mode does not work properly so far over a RDP connection.

  6. CUDA performance is a bit faster than my laptop (geforce 1650 mobile max-q).

I don’t know if anyone finds this information useful. I expected something 100x faster than my laptop, but it seems not. But there are faster GPUs, more CPUs you can assign. Thinking this is a good option for some heavy multi-threading purpose.

Important information was missing.

Rhino can be installed just like Rhino installed to your Windows PC.
Nvidia driver didn’t install correctly. Instead, Cuda toolkit 10.2 could be installed easily and the graphic driver came with the toolkit.