Running v5 and v6 together

How do I run v5 and v6 concurrently and eliminate the toolbar madness?
is v5 and v6 using the same file for toolbar settings?
I save my settings in v5, all good. Go to v6, set up my tool bars there all good. Open up and instance of v5 and all is messed. Fix that. Go back to v6 all is messed there again.

Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere already.

This should not generally be possible.

V6 toolbars are stored in:
V5 toolbars are stored in:

You can check this in Options > Toolbars.

The details of what tools are open, and what size they are is control in separate places in the System Registry.

Is it possible you manually configured V6 to use the V5 toolbar folder location?

I’m guessing that might result in what you’re describing, but that is a guess.
My V5 and V6 tool setups are separate and independent as expected.
A change in one does not effect the other.

yep that was it, thanks John.