Running the mesh example

Believe I installed the rhinocompute items, then went into python 3.7 (anaconda prompt) and installed tkinter (import tkinter) and the tkinter._test() worked.
Running the mesh example indicated no module named Tkinter, so changed all instances in the file to tkinter, but kept the top=tkinter.Tk() (line 9).
Then ran and issues seemed ot be in line 26… per screen shot.
Does auth token get pasted into line 13 between the quotes?

You can just keep the example as it is, and at the top use
import tkinter as Tkinter
The error you are having at the end though, is something different, did you get a token from here ?

that worked! Only issue is that the token is input when the tkinter window shows up, not pasetd into the code. Might be obvious to others, but I thought that it’d pass the auth token thru the code to work. Great it’s real, and working! Thanks!

You could pass it through the code too, but not like you did on line 13, just put it on line 21 replacing auth_token