Running the demo version with deactivated RH70 and RH80 installed

Just for practising purposes.
I have RH70 installed and my license transferred to another pc.
Now I like to practice without saving the RH70 or RH80 version, but this looks impossible.
To me this looks legal and functional, but how to do this ?

Thanks Jan .

Hi Jan -

It looks like you have your commercial Rhino 7 license in the Cloud Zoo. You can use that license from any machine that you use.

It’s not completely clear to me what the intent is here. Please contact directly for licensing issues.

FYI : the intent is that I want to run the demo version, as an alternative for running nothing , anyway I will send mail. thanks !
I might be wrong, but this is the case : when I do not have any license I download the full version, can work for 90 days the full version and after that work but no file saving possible , but it works, so there is a learning curve .
Then when I buy the full version and I transfer the license I have nothing working, should be at least similar , so the expired demo version: work and no saving.

Background is also that is is not so easy to open port 80 etc, use Zoo, in this location.
I tried this and this resulted in blocked accounts and lots of time trying to get this working, thus it is faster to use the demo functionality. Again, the demo is in this case better than nothing.