Running script from a button


Did anything change?
How can I run a script from a button?

The window is different from here:

There’s no dropdown list with “Macro”. What am I missing?

What I do is copy my script in Command field with:

#my script goes here


There must be a space before (
-_RunPythonScript ()

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes I did that, but instead of running the script it opens a window for me to select the script.

Is that how it should be?

Ah, never mind
I fixed it. just put the path to the script insdead of the code :smiley:

-_RunPythonScript ("C:\pathTo\")

Space is important :slight_smile: I wonder why though.

You don’t have to put the path between quotation marks
-_RunPythonScript (C:\pathTo\

I think you do if you have spaces in the path :wink:

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