Running Rhino in Spyder

Hi. I just installed Rhinoceros 5.o for Windows and would like to use the Rhino scripts in Spyder.
When I run “import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs”, it complains that “No module named rhinoscriptsyntax”
I went to Tools and added \Rhinoceros 5\Plug-ins to the path but still does not work.
Could you please help getting Spyder to run the Rhino scripts?
Thank you.

Hi @joseph.bendahan,

Rhino.Python is based on IronPython, not the standard Python distribution that works with Spyder. Plus, you need to be in Rhino in order to run Rhino.Python scripts. Thus, you might just want to use Rhino’s embedded editor (e.g. EditPythonScript).

– Dale