Running Rhino 6 on MacBook Pro with Radeon Pro Vega Graphics?

Hi, does anyone know how well Rhino 6 (and VRay) will run on the new MacBook Pro 2018 when the new Radeon Pro Vega Graphics cards are available next week? I’m trying to decide whether to buy and run Rhino 6 on Bootcamp or to buy a Razor Laptop instead - thanks!!

I have a MBP with a bootcamp.
My advise: stay away from it. Mac is in an overpriced crap. Every time I switch the system I have to make a double restart to make the linear touch screen working. As I guy with both systems available I always choose working in Windows.

Raytraced should work fine - I haven’t experience with this particular model, but the Radeon Pro we have at our office renders fine with Raytraced.