Running out of application memory on imac while running rhino

Hello everyone, What is your opinion regarding running rhino on a mac? I have 27" iMac, late 2013, 24 gb ram, 3.5 ghz, Nividea GTX 780m and consistently get that i have run out of application memory, MAKING ME FORCE QUIT RHINO DISRUPTING MY WORK FLOW? Should i just get boot camp up and running and install the pc version on the partition or WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST? any suggestions? I just got the computer less than 6 months ago to ensure I can perform my job as a set designer and would like your help/opinion on what to do. Thanks


Probably not.
Windows and Mac Rhino use the same core code for calculations so one should not use more memory than the other.

What specifically are you doing when Mac Rhino runs out of application memory?
What are the steps that get you to that situation?

Today I have just been doing 2d cad work, laying out sheets but using it for working drawings, so lots of varying line types, line weights, and lots of flat information. Dashed lines, center lines, and varying colors and line weights. Im not sure if that could be the problem? It is probably a setting that I have where I do not allow Rhino to use as much of the memory allocation as it needs? Thanks for your interest in helping me

I don’t know how to do this in OSX but maybe you do.
In Windows, there is a tool called the Task Manager that gives an overview of what the computer is doing and what resources are being used.
When it’s running, I can tell at a glance how busy my processor cores are, how much memory is being used, how much is in RAM and how much is paged to disk.

Maybe the tool is OSX is called the Activity Monitor?

Perhaps you can use it to monitor system resources and see if there is something that bumps up memory usage.
When it gets pretty full, close your file and quit (Cmd+Q) Rhino. The memory should free up.
See if you can find a pattern with what you are doing that eats up a lot of memory.

Thanks John, I will pay more attention to the activity monitor while I run Rhino and try to see what ends up taking all the memory.

have a good one,


If you can identify a pattern, we can get @dan and @marlin to investigate.
This sounds like a memory leak.
That’s when a tool allocates memory to do a task, then doesn’t release all of it back when it’s done. Over time, too much memory is reserved and not checked back in to the pool.

Any Idea of whats is going on here?.. I have the same memory problem… HELP!

I’m having the same issue. When dealing with 2D curve data in top view, I hit a memory cap every few hours. This forces me to quit rhino and reopen my file. I’ve had this issue in the beta and now in my purchased version.

My theory is each zoom level is stored in cache to prevent redraws and the more you move in and out of your drawing, the more renders as stored. This shouldn’t happen with line work.

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