Running Hops via GitHub URL not showing input and output parameters


I was just playing around/testing, setting up a GH definition and saving it as a Hops component.

See image below (just an example to test)

  1. GH file - Hops

  1. When I open a blanc GH file and open hops, and link the component to the local file it works correctly, see below:

I would like to save the GH definition in github to and use the URL to ‘call’ the GH file.

When I do this I noticed that the input and outputs are not present anymore…


Any suggestions howcome/how to avoid?

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Use the “download” URL from github

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Hi Steve,

Ahh thanks it works! So cool!

Just a few small question so I understand correctly:

  1. When using this web adres + Hops: The GH file is openend & run on the background on the end-users 'local pc"?
  2. Does this mean that the ‘end-user’ needs to have installed all the plugins used in the original script? (otherwise the script on the background will give an error)?

ps, do I have to manually replace the URL part: blob → raw, or is there a shortcut? (I cant find the share download link on github, sorry I just started using Git)

Thanks again!

The answer is yes to both questions 1 and 2