Running different Karamba versions

Hi everyone,
I’m comparing two GH definitions, one made using Karamba 1.2.2 and another using Karamba 1.3.2. I’ve been managing to do it by using two different computers (local laptop at home + remote access desktop at work - 'cause of COVID) but my internet is getting worse.
Therefore I’m trying a different approach: have both Karamba version installed in the same computer, 1.2.2 running in Rhino 5, and 1.3.2 in Rhino 6. I’ve been running to some problems, which I think (and please correct me if I’m wrong) I narrowed down to being are due to different karamba.dll versions in C:/windows.

So the question is: is there a way of telling the different Karamba versions to reference different dlls (e.g. C:/windows/k122.dll and C:/windows/k132.dll)?
Thanks so much,

Hi @castroecosta,
the different versions of ‘karamba.dll’ can only be discerned by their date.
Starting with version 1.3.3. the file ‘karamba.dll’ is now contained in the Karamba3D installation folder. This makes it possible to install different versions of Karamba3D for e.g. RH5, RH6 and RH7.
A solution for your case could be to use version 1.2.2 under Rhino5 and version 1.3.3 under Rhino6.
– Clemens

Brillliant, it worked!
Thanks Clemens, and (I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this) thanks for Karamba