Run ShapeDiver in Rhino6, ''Rhino license manager initialization failed''

I’m using Rhino 7 & ShapeDiver 1.9 to upload my model.

Then I got the problem that my geometry is presented incorrectly, with mirroring and missing issue.
Based on previous experience, I checked all missing planes for potential ‘offset’, ‘orientation’, ‘rotation’, etc. functions, there is no obvious mistake. So I thought I should open the script with Rhino6, because, last time, reading script with Rhino 6 immediately showed me where was the problem in gh script.

I opened my Rhino 6, and read grasshopper script with ShapeDiver components, it asked me to install new version of ShapeDiver, so I updated it , and restarted Rhino. Then… I couldn’t open Rhino 6 any more, I ran into the issue as many others had, which is ‘‘Rhino license manager initialization failed error 200’’.

I followed the suggestions to repair Rhino 6, to update Windows 10 NET. Framework. No luck so far.
Not only on my device, my colleagues’ devices all had the same problem.
Any ideas how to fix it?


Hi -
Have you rebooted the machine?
Does Rhino start in Safe Mode?

@wim I can reproduce the issue when I install the ShapeDiver package in Rhino 6. Manually deleting the package from C:\Users\MY_USER\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages\6.0 seems to solve it and lets Rhino start without issues afterwards.

The same process works for Rhino 7, so it is not clear that there is an issue on our side for the Rhino 6 version. Let me know if you have more insights about this issue.

@wim Could this be some dll version incompatibility, e.g. Newtonsoft.json?

@wim @ChongYao_Aectual We have identified the cause of this error: it seems that the two following dlls (included with the ShapeDiver plugin) are triggering it:

Fortunately, it looks like we will be able to get rid of them and solve the issue in the next release of the plugin. You can already manually solve it by going to C:\Users\MY_USER\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages\6.0\ShapeDiver\1.9.1 and deleting the two above files from the folder.


@ChongYao_Aectual We have just released a new version of the ShapeDiver plugin which solves the Rhino 6 issue with the dll files. You can upgrade to version 1.9.2-beta.1 using the TestPackageManager command in Rhino 6.


Thanks! I didn’t know it. I will upgrade it on my device. That’s really helpful!
The wiki page for error -200 has been updated to include the solution of updating ShapeDiver v1.9.1 to v1.9.2-beta.1.

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