Run rhinopython on terminal command line?


I have been greatly enjoying using the ironpython capability in Rhino for Mac. Does anyone know if it’s possible to run my python code on the mac terminal, rather than in Rhino? Note, I’m not referring to the command line in Rhino, I’m shooting for using the Mac OSX terminal.


Any python code that imports modules from RhinoScriptSyntax can only be run in the context of Rhino.


That said, I think you can call Rhino from Python and then run it in an automated “head-less” fashion without loading up all of the UI, so you’re sending commands to the instance, ala this topic.

Of course, the commands you’re able to give it include _RunPythonScript, so while it’s two separate instances of the interpreter running, one “outside” and one inside the context of Rhino, that may help you to think about as an option.