'Run Manually' / 'Temporarily Pause Execution' button in Grasshopper?

Hi all,

Is there a way in Grasshopper to pause the execution of the graph while I do some changes? I am dealing with a huge amount of data & everytime I change a minor part, it executes right away and freezes for a few seconds.

I came from Dynamo - Revit workflow & got used to this function, so I am not sure what would be the equivalent of this in Grasshopper.
Please help!

Hi @archjahzzy,

Yes, it’s called “Disable Solver” or “Lock Solver” and can be found in the right-click menu, the radial menu, as well as the menu bar under “Solution” (at least on macOS).


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You can also put Data Dams in front of particularly expensive calculations, delaying their solutions until you press the button.


Thanks @diff-arch!