Run Grasshopper script by clicking on Button in Excel (VBA)


Maybe a bit of a strange question, but here it comes:

I have made an GH script, which I have connected with Excel (using Excel imput script).

In de GH file there is an ‘button’ present, which runs the GH file.
The script works well when I click on the button ‘in grasshopper’.

I would like to klick ‘Run’ from a button within Excel. (so I don’t need to go to GH)
Note: I do know how to import an Excel true/false value in GH from excel (this is not the problem)

The problem is I dont know how I make in an (VBA?) button in Excel - which return a ‘true’ value for just a few seconds - so it can be exported to GH to run an component.

(so in fact this is an Excel-VBA question, sorry but I cant find any platform for this) :frowning:

Any suggestions?