Run external FEM solver with Python

Hello everyone,

I might not be that much experienced with GHPython, but maybe someone could give some guidance, where to start; was there any topic related to something similar, reference something, recommend a book, tutorial or something else.
The problem is next one; like here in this YT video ([Example: Structural Analysis and Optimization by OpenSees with Grasshopper pt.2 - YouTube]), reading an input file, running an external FEM solver(OpenSees) to do to analysis, then postprocessing and plotting the results like here in the video. OK, optimization with Galapagos is included here too, but first how to solve the first problem.

is there anyone who can shed some light on this and guide me through this darkness and join this discussion? thanks in advance!


check out this plugin:

@alpaca4d Marco created bridge between GH and OpenSees so you might find it helpful. There are also example files in here.


I would suggest you to ask me what you need to be implemented.
It might saves you a lot of time :slight_smile:

Alpaca4d has been wrote from scratch again and it will be available soon.

Write an issue and I’ll be bake ASAP

@Marco_Pellegrino @w.radaczynski
you are completely right, this could be the best thing, I don´t know why do I keep choosing the harder way.
Thanks guys,

looking forward to new Alpaca release.