Run a script in batch mode

I’ m doing a small python script to select a sub set of a mesh: the input is always an .stl and the output must be an obj . The selection is based on the normal of the facets. No need to interact with the 3dmodel.
Can it run in batch mode.?
Is it possible to run an ironpython script without open a rhino document?
Is it possible to run python script using directly the classes of the common module ?
which classes are to import in the script?
and what are the usual paths on a window computer?

than you

franco slomp

Interesting question I’d like to know about too, but looks like this has been lost in the noise.

It is possible for a script, running in Rhino, to batch process multiple files. To batch process files outside of Rhino is a little more complicated, as the only way to access Rhino from the outside is via ActiveX (COM) automation.

Without going into too much detail, the answer is no. You can, of course read and write Rhino’s 3dm file format without Rhino using openNURBS. But you way you want to open STL files and save them as OBJ. Thus, you are going to need Rhino. And it is easiest to do this while running your scripts in Rhino.

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