Ruled Nest pattern

Hello everyone! This is my first experience in building something within Grasshopper and
I’m trying to play and set my first definition.

Here is it what i’m trying to achieve:

I would like to get a “nest type” pattern, randomizing the starting points of the lines and controlling the dimensions A and B (width and thickness) of the lines as well as the distance that these must have between them.
This is the best I have ever achieved and I would like to see if this is the right approach to the definition described and how control it in the terms described above.

Thank you so much in advance

Attach file

Here is the definition (20.2 KB)

Please re upload with your points internalized (right click the point component and select internalize)Capture (21.0 KB)

Mainly I just wanted to show you to use lists. The way you use grasshopper above is not really correct, nor is parametrically flexible. See here where I condensed part of your definition into a few components using correct list management and working on all the data together rather than one thing at a time. The results of your group is same as the one I made (both grouped in the green color) The last part I changed the logic because I think it is more nest like. (25.0 KB)

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