RUI Example


Is there any example showing how to manipulate a custom rui file setup (menu, toolbars) etc. using the .NET sdk (not rhinocommon)?

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RHI files are created and editing using the Toolbar command (Tools -> Options -> Toolbars). They are not created or edited with RhinoCommon.

Does this help?


I have a .rui file (independent to the default.rui) which was made manually using the workspace editor. This has many toolbars, menus and scripts. I would like to make it more context-sensitive and show/hide the various items depending on the state of the underlying plugins.

I was wondering if there is any example to help me start with the programmatic control of the toolbars, etc.
The rui file is currently loaded automatically by Rhino along with the plugins.
I am using the RhinoDotNET SDK, not the RhinoCommon SDK, for these plugins.

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If you give the RUI file the exact same name as the plug-in RHP file and install it in the folder containing the RHP file (or its parent folder) Rhino will automatically stage it in a writable location and open it at startup.

There is no RUI support in Rhino_DotNet. If you reference RhinoCommom.dll, you will find the toolbar support in the Rhino.UI namespace.