RUI documentation for Rhino 5

I am looking to create a toolbar for a plugin I will be creating later, I am wondering where the documentation for the layout of the RUI file is.

My understanding is that is a XML file, but I do not know the correct structure and tags.

I have found this in the online documentation but it refers to a help file I am unaware of.

Hi @alexander.mcrae,

I don’t believe there is any docmenation to the xml layout of RUI files, as it’s intended you use Rhino’s Toolbar command to create and edit these files. @JohnM might have some details somewhere he can share.

For localization, this guide might be helpful to you:

– Dale

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We don’t currently have any documentation regarding the structure of RUI files, is there something specific you are looking for?

Nothing in particular, the toolbar command does what I need. I was just unfamiliar with it.

Thanks for the help!