Rubberband for multiple elements

Hi all

I like to create individual polylines around all of my elements. Minus the inner corners.
I have managed to get the point in each elements that i like to connect. But im not able to connect em without making a tons of random lines.
Can you please help?

Troels (9.7 KB)

please right click on the Crv parameter, internalize geometry, save file and attach it again :slight_smile:

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Ofcourse! Thank you. uploaded again. (15.5 KB)

if you remove the grafting the output B of the Dispatch you’ll get a data tree where points that belong to the very same shape are inside the very same branch

after that, a Polyline component (with ClosePolyline option enabled) will do the trick: (15.5 KB)

but it looks like the method used to cull the cuts in the different ribs does not produce a very reliable result:

that said, in a case like the following, it might be pretty difficult to guess which would be the right solution between A and B ? :slight_smile:

This works perfectly!

:slight_smile: Troels

I can see there is one very small issue. Two of the elements came imported with a rectangle inside.
Now they kind of are inside out.
I have tried to attached a point after the dispatch to highlight the issue.
Do you have any idea why?


The problem is that those two geometries have some very strange small chamfers?

Nope. This is not the issue… If you check the amount of vertices on those 2 geometries it’s more than you would expect… Why 28?

don’t know if this will work, maybe try Discontinuity component instead of Explode?

Thank you both!

I now that we have worked the element manually before. So i think the right thing is to change our handling of the elements at a earlier stage.

Thank you!