RTX 4000 Maxing out at 4gb during Raytracing


Running a Lenovo Thinkpad P53 with an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000. Testing it with Rhino 6 and monitoring with GPU-Z. The RTX is cranking wonderfully during raytracing, but noticing that it’s maxing out at exactly 3999 mb of its on board memory. Wondering why it’s not utilizing its full 8gb.


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RAM usage depends on the size of the model, plus it’s not all available if it’s also being used for the displays, etc, etc. Also, even if you’re talking about GPU-Z I’d trust that usage estimate as far as I can throw it.


Thank you for the prompt reply and information. So, one should not find it odd that the GPU is routinely maxing out at exactly 50% of it’s capacity?

What program would you recommend to monitor GPU usage?

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Not really, no, 4GB sounds like a reasonable typical usage number(of course “usage” doesn’t even actually mean “using,” just “allocated”,) the most I ever see according to Windows is around 6. It’s not like using more RAM makes it faster, as long as there’s enough. It would only be odd if you found out exactly how many million polygons it takes for GPU raytracing to stop working, back it off until it starts working again, and learn THAT only uses 4GB.

I see. Thank you for that. Much appreciated. More or less makes sense.

Thx for the peace of mind!