.rtml Files with embedded textures not working

Hi, I’m trying to add a .rmtl file with a embedded image and Rhino don’t recognise it. I attach a video and the rmtl file. What’s the problem?

I’m workting with the latest estable version of Rhino.

Thank you.

Pearl - Turquoise.rmtl (3.0 MB)

In the current release candidate for SR12 (from January 16th) it at least works:


k, I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but on my machine, Rhino seems to be using first entry in search paths to unpack and write textures now, not just ‘look’ for them.
Add path to search paths in Rhino
now load this material, looks like it is using that search path (or searchpaths[0]) for location to unpack files now…at least on my machine, it is doing this…so maybe a permissions issue on that folder?