Rs.trimbrep won't output guid anymore

After the latest update, in a ghpython script component, Trimbrep won’t output a guid anymore. The output refuses to be processed by other methods like volume or volumecentroid. Workarounds? Or is it a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

@Alain have there been recent changes to this function?

Hi Florin- the function returns a list of GUIDs, not a single GUID. Does that make sense with what you are seeing?


Nope, it outputs a list, but not of guids.

Hi Florin - I get this in the latest build here:


Pascal, you seem to have tested it in the editscript editor with debugging.
Can you please try and test in a ghpy component? I updated less than a week ago.

Sorry, I had misunderstood what @piac wanted and made the function return the breps instead of ids in the context of grasshopper and then forgot to check-in the last changes. I checked in the latest version: