Rs.PullCurve not as good as Pull command

If curve has a name and is pulled to a surface, interactively using Pull command, the resulting curve keeps the name of the original.
However, if the same is done in PythonScript using rs.PullCurve method, the resulting curve has no name. Here is an excerpt from my code:

for Id in WyborLinii1:
Linia2 = rs.PullCurve(Powierzchnia2, Id)

and result:

Expected behaviour is that the red curve should be named “FR58”, as its green ancestor.
What am I doing wrong?

(“WyborLinii1” stands for previously chosen lines, and “Powierzchnia2” is the surface that the lines are pulled to.)

Hi Jacek,

You can easily do the naming yourself within Python.



In general, scripted commands are not as complete as the “equivalent” Rhino commands. They are lower-level functions. The Rhino Pull command also allows you to select sub-faces from a Brep and input multiple meshes and/or surfaces to pull to. With rhinoscriptsyntax, you would need to explicitly script all that in your code as well.

If you need the full Rhino functionality, the easiest way to get it is to script Rhino.Command.


Thanks to Helvetosaur and especially to Willem for helping answer