rs.Command() does not take all input arguments

Hi all,

In my case rs.Command() only takes point or number inputs and buttons but does not take inputs about check boxes, dropdown menus, etc. For example, the command
rs.Command(’_-ExtrudeCrv 10 _Solid=_No _DeleteInput=_Yes’)
extrudes a previously designed curve by 10 but it creates a solid and does not delete the input curve (as the default is _Solid=_Yes and _DeleteInput = _No)

What seems to be the problem? I am using Rhino 7.8.21160.05002 for Mac.


The order of the options is important, put the 10 (extrusion distance) in last, otherwise the command executes and ignores the following options. Always check the command history, it will tell you why options are being ignored.

rs.Command('_-ExtrudeCrv _Solid=_No _DeleteInput=_Yes 10')

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Thank you very much! The exact structure of the rs.Command() inputs has been bothering me for a while now, but this helped a lot!