RS ClippingPlane Method bug?

In the Rhino.AddClippingPlane method, no matter what the U and V plane scale values are, the method always creates a square plane with the size of the bigger of 2 values. At least over here (V5 SR12 64-bit).



Hi Jarek,

Yes, the clipping plane is always square, if that is your question…

– Dale

Hi Dale,

That’s what I have noticed and considered a bug in the method - why do we have the dblDU, dblDV parameters available then? I hoped they would work like in Rhino.AddPlaneSurface, where U and V define the dimensions of the plane. In Rhino the clipping plane can be a non-square too…

Dim idPlane : idPlane = Rhino.AddPlaneSurface(Rhino.WorldXYPlane(), 5, 10)
Dim idClip : idClip = Rhino.AddClippingPlane(Rhino.WorldXYPlane(), 5, 10)

Thank you,


Just curious, why is having non-square clipping planes important?

Good question. On complex architectural models with many floors / walls, many times we use a ‘clipping cube’ - a set of 6 clipping planes that form a box that clips everything outside of it, to work only on a specific area of the model. The planes are grouped and can be easily moved around and scaled 1D,2D and 3D changing the clipping scope. It has been actually working very well and I want to automate some of the parts of the workflow (box creation, enable/disable + more…) - so creating clipping planes based on the input box (with non-square faces) would come handy.