RS - Change object's id

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How can I change an object’s ID ?


(Willem Derks) #2

Hi Keith,

I do not know of a way to change an object’s ID,
however the method

Rhino.ReplaceGeometry (strTarget, strSource [, blnDelete])

will allow for you to replace the geometry of an object.
This is useful when you for instance want to change the curves used for History,
without breaking the history.

What do you want to to that requires the change of an object’s ID?



In addition to what Willem said, if you make a copy of an object and delete the original, the copy will have a new ID - so you have effectively changed the original’s ID - but you don’t actually have any control over the new ID that is assigned.


(Brian Gillespie) #4

Why do you want to change the object’s ID? What is the problem you are trying to solve?