Rs.BrowseForFolder method doesn't change the Title

As already reported in this post:BrowseForFolder method in Python might have a problem

I would like to highligt that is still missing in Rhino V5Sr9


This isn’t what we’d call a high-priority item. So I wouldn’t expect to see a fix until V6.

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A little OT, but I’m curious: Does McNeel’s system consolidate all the issues for a particular module of programming work so that when one of you jumps on it for a high-priority task you have at your fingertips all the things from important and hard to insignificant and easy so that while you are touching the code you can get to as many as seems reasonable for that work session?

Or is the whole process more rigid and formal than that?

The quick answer to your long question is yes.

So I guess the quick answer to the short question is No. :smile:


It’s great to perceive that while you folks are adopting a lot of modern development tools and more formal policies that you aren’t getting too silly about it and losing the style that makes McNeel software good.