RPC animation

I tried to follow the instruction of RPC Animation but some how it dosent work at all…

RPC_Test.7z (209.0 KB)

The result Looks attached Video. The human is translated to Goal Position but itself dosent ‘move’ …
Anyone has idea what could be the Problem?

There are no keyframes for the RPC animation frame in the model you attached. Make sure the Animate button is active before you run RPCSetAnimationFrame.

Aha. Thank you Lars. Marika omitted to mention to hit the Animation button while using the RPCSetAnimationFrame command.
So to get it right you need at least 2 (green = Document) keyframes controlling the progress of the animation of the RPC itself.

PS. On my system Frida won’t render, and gives an error on editing: ‘RPC invalid: selected RPC has no mesh.’ ?