Rounded triangle Shape

Hello !
I created this shape 6 months ago for a lamp
A kind of 3D rounded triangle
I was very happy of this shape
But I tried today to make it again
impossible to refind my old way in Rhino to recreate this shape
I first thought that I did it with the Subdtools/ truncated cone and then playing with vertical and horizonta face numbers (up to 15) but it give a kind of circular shape
Not a triangle shape like in my file
If any hint to recreate it would be welcome :wink:
Best regards
Fred (absolute begginner)
Rounded triangle shape.3dm (525.6 KB)

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I think I got it : subd with trucated cone / with vertical and horizontal face to “3”
then the “to_nurbs” fct that give the more dense grid (and black object) that is on my file

At least this topic will be very usefull for me in 6 months,
when I will forget about it :wink: