Rounded edge mesh

Hi there,

I’am quite new to GH. I want to have a rounded edge of my mesh. I constructed a mesh and its offset and connected them with a loft. I really want to have a fillet edge at the edge of the loft-mesh transition. Can someone maybe help me out with this? Thankyou in advance!


You’ve already posted this here:

You need to post a grasshopper file or something, because it’s not really clear exactly what you need from us. You have connected a mesh with a loft? Not sure it is completely clear, which I’m guessing might be why your first post went unanswered.

Yes, excuse me. My code is very big and comprehensive so I thought it would not be nice to upload that. Therefore, I only explained my problem. I connected 2 meshes (where one is the offset of the other) by making a loft between the two naked edges of the meshes. In the end I merged the result to get one mesh. Sorry if it is still not clear, but I don’t really know how to get only one part of my code that shows my problem. The image I already put in the previous message, shows the loft in green.

If you don’t want to start getting into SubD modelling (which is a whole different kettle of fish), then making sure you can link the original mesh and the offset mesh data structure is important, then you can have a clean loft between the naked edges which you can work with, for example offsetting it and filleting the curve. Attached is an example based on what I can only assume is similar to your situation. It’s not particularly elegant or efficient as I’m sure I can avoid using the loft component to make the new edge meshes, but at least it’s reasonably quick and creates simple clean meshes. I hope it helps.

loft (24.2 KB)

Thankyou very much! This was exactly what I searched for! :slight_smile:
I’ve got still one small problem… after alligning the curves I still got one wrong connected polyline. Do you have an idea how I can slove this?

It’s actually very hard to say without seeing your wider script, or at least making a condensed version of it that you can share, sorry. If the mesh is clean the offset mesh (if done by moving vertices) should have the same point order, the profile lines rely on this data structure. It looks like this point order for one of the meshes has been mixed up in some way. As I say, almost impossible to see why at present if I’m honest.

Okay, thankyou for your help and time!