Rounded bevelling/extruding of text to 3D print an embossing plate?

Hey all!

So recently I came across this video which shows a simple 3D print that allows you blind emboss paper by hand.

I’m interested in the way they modelled the text. The text starts on the flat surface and then extrudes out in a smooth round way. If you look at the video at 20 seconds you can see what I mean:

A perfect example of what I’m trying to achieve is shown below:

Other examples: here, here, here.

Initially I tried extruding a letter with a taper. But the effect of this that the text is still flat on the top. See screenshot below:

I tried lofting. I offset the text multiple times and then moved each new offset curve into a position going out. But this had a similar effect to the taper.

Finally I tried trimming/exploding some of the text and then used sweep 2 rails which was more successful at creating the rounded shape from all sides including on top of the text (see screenshot below):

The downside to this option is that this only works with certain text shapes and also I had to add a surface to the bottom of the B before I could make a closed polysurface.

So I guess I was hoping someone would know of a way to do this? Thanks in advanced to anyone who answers. My file is attached so you can see the models I made from the screenshots.

Cheers.Bevelled letters.3dm (388.9 KB)

If you have a lot of time:
@BrianJ has created a tutorial New tutorial: Modeling a bubble R
But i can tell you: Your geometry in uploaded file is wrong, for this printing in normal case, a height-of 1mm is used, angle is ok.

Hi Eddi,

Thanks for the link to that tutorial. That’s exactly what I wanted to do. I just wish there was a less convoluted way of doing it. It’s quite painful having to do each letter!

Thanks for the point about my geometry, but the file I uploaded is not for printing. It’s just a quick mock up to model types of extrusions until I’m ready to model my final object :slight_smile:


:wink: Of such mold i have engraved/chased by hand in steel over ten years …
per order 80 to 180 working hours :disappointed_relieved:

For your stamp form, directly CNC engraved from 2d design is better and more economical way.

You might want to give Zsurf a try. It converts bitmaps to nurbs syrfaces.
It has built in Text function that creates bitmaps from text and
then surfaces from the bitmaps.

you can download here:

Here is an example:
Objet.3dm (1.4 MB)