Round blade tip

Looking for a way to neatly finish the tip of a blade
3 / 5 Sided surface problem
needs to be crisp and tangent as it is for a plastic mould.
Please help!


Tip sample.3dm (602.3 KB)


there is unfortunately not a single surface which fits and joins. to me it seems you created the entire structure besides the flat peace out of badly configured patches which had incomplete input curves. try cleaning that up as a starter.

Thanks for the feedback.
Let me start again by sending what I have done so far on the rest of the blade. Now I need to create the stiffener - which is the part I’m having trouble with…Fan tips.3dm (3.5 MB)

Hello - I’d think about making this from multiple simple surfaces once, then array the blade - something like the attached file - it’s not all to your design and not all cleaned up but to indicate a way to separate out the surfaces.

Fan tips_pg.3dm (518.2 KB)