Rotational Planes (26.6 KB)

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This version scales the model to Earth, Moon and Sun dimensions. A yellow group “magnifies” size of earth and moon by a factor of ten to see them better. (29.8 KB)

‘scale_EO’ slider in cyan group reduces size of earth orbit, which is vast relative to moon orbit.

Distances are measured in thousands of miles:

  • earth radius: 3.963
  • moon radius: 1.0794
  • moon orbit: 239 (the one that can’t be scaled)
  • earth orbit:92960 (92.96 million miles, scaled to 0.02 as shown)

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So… Added Starlink satellite constellation to previous (updated) Earth/Moon/Sun model: (35.8 KB)

24 orbital planes of 66 satellites each

source: Orbit of the Moon