Rotation of circles clockwise & Anticlockwise do not match

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I am trying to make a diagrid-like structure which the nodes should be on the floor slabs.

The simple solution below works only one way when I rotated the circles, flip matrix then interpolate curve.
However, when I try to rotate it reversely by using negative, the divided points do not match with their original positions, making it impossible to create nodes which corresponds to the floor slabs (as seen in the attached file where the intersection of the bracing is arbitrary)

Most grateful if anyone would kindly point me to the right direction in this seemingly simple script, which I must have missing something (maybe a Crvseam issue?)

Thank you so much and good health to all!

Rotation postive& (6.8 KB)

Your problem in Angle and step

Rotation postive& (14.1 KB)

Thank you very much Seghier, much appreciated! you are fantastic!

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