Rotating subsurface - is this a bug?

rot.3dm (145.0 KB)
Rotating the surface gives strange result - is this a bug?
Rhino 6 (6.3.18072.11251, 03/13/2018)


No, a limitation… Since the three boxes are unioned together, when you rotate the face, it pulls the long box’s bottom surface upwards, which results in some weird geometry as it’s joined to the other surfaces. You would either need to split the bottom face ( _SplitFace ) before it hits the other boxes in order to let it fold independently, or rotate the face around its bottom edge (reposition the Gumball or use Rotate3D).

.rot2.3dm (188.9 KB)

Thank you Mitch, , I missed this tottaly !! I will check more next time before posting!! Leo