Rotating structure

I am currently trying to generate the 2d truss structure on all the blocks and get it to rotate along with the structure blocks. However, i have only been able to generate the structure on the bottom block alone.

Any help on how to achieve this will be highly appreciated

Are the massing blocks Grasshopper objects as well? If so, you should be able to take the truss as a whole and plug it into the same rotational and translational components as the massing blocks.
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You want to take each box and deconstruct the different surfaces. with “DeBrep”
Then you can sort the surfaces by z using “area”, “pDecon”, “sort”.
By culling with “Cull Index” the indicies “0” and “-1”, you are left with the side pieces to generate the truss on.

yes they are grasshopper objects. I tried that out and it didnt work. so not sure if its just where am plugging it in that’s the problem

Sorry about that had improved the file. Just figured out i could actually delete that post.

If you can upload the file (trusting nothing confidential in file), then we could show you how it is done in the script rather than describing what to do.

Here is the file
building rotating (29.2 KB)

Orient to move the pipes to the other level, transform to copy the rotation to them.
building rotating (23.0 KB)

Thank you so muchh. :slightly_smiling_face:
I truly appreciate