Rotating, scaling, and duplicating an object aligned to points?

Been trying to figure this one out, as well as doing some searching, but haven’t gotten too far.

Essentially, for example, I’d like to:

  1. create an arc (no issues)
  2. divide the arc into lengths (creates points, probably no issue)
  3. create an object that contains points (no issue)
  4. scale the object using two of its points to match the distance between the points on the curve
  5. distribute the object along the curve at the distance between the two points

Bonus question, which may be part of the answer… can we rotate an object by grabbing one of its control points? In this case, I’ve moved the gumball, and would like to rotate based on gumball location but by grabbing the control point of the other vertical, and, if possible, snapping it to its angle by hovering over other geometry somewhere else in the drawing.

So, maybe, like a tank tread or something.
Here, you can see 1) my original arc, 2) the original object in yellow with control points added at halfway points in its two vertical segments, and 3) an example of how I’d like it to overlay on the points when it’s distributed along them.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Hi Andrew - Orient is, I thnk, what you are looking for - use the Scale options.


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Thanks @pascal

Scaling - works great.

Distribution: is there a way to do this?


Hi Andrew - the Distribute command.


Tried that, but get a prompt to select 3 objects to distribute:


I only have one object I want to distribute, though, coinciding with the points created in the divide:

Oh, got it… ArrayCrv.